The New DREAM - a movie-based activity book - is prepared to help learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL)  to improve their listening comprehension as well as integrated skills such as reading, writing and communication  through watching, studying and using commercial video, VCD and DVD movies for instructional purposes. The book is based on various activities to check students’ listening  comprehension in multimedia class sessions by the instructors. This may also be used as a self-study  activity book in certain cases in order

to check self- comprehension level.

Commercial movies are shown with subtitles in the learner’s first language. The subtitles may distract learners from following the plot, scenes, characters and events in the movie and this may only help them to find out how the translation of the script has been done. So  the learners may rather concentrate on the subtitle than the movie itself and this will not help the instructor to achieve the suggested goals from such an activity. Understanding commercial (uninstructional) movies without subtitle may require at least pre-intermediate level of listening comprehension. The movies this activity book covers have been selected for a purpose so that students should be able to understand the colloquial language used in them.

This activity book is designed with some before - watching activities (BWA) such as discussion questions and reading activity. While-watching activites (WWA) are designed to help students to follow the plot and events in the movies. After-watching activites (AWA) cover some comprehension questions, sentence completion and  true / false exercises, quotations asking for ‘who said this in the movie’ and a writing execise about the summary, review and various essay types related to the topics in the movies. So, this tailor-made book can be used to improve integrated skills through implementing commercial movies for instructional purposes.

The purpose of the book is to help students to understand everyday coloquial English and practice them while learning the language in the prep year. The activity book covers sixteen movies which were shown in the movie theatres and on television as well. All the activities are designed for instructional purposes not for free watching/ listening activities.


ISBN: 978-9944-313-62-9 

Sayfa Sayısı: 122 Sayfa, 19x28 Cm, 1. Hamur Kağıt, RENKLİ BASKI

Dili: İngilizce

Basım Yılı: 2011

Yayınevi: Yalın Yayıncılık, İstanbul

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