The book SPEED UP (Structure Practice in Essential English Development for Usage & Performance) is a comprehensive structure practice and exercise book designed for proficiency exams and for the students learning English at the university prep classes. 

The book covers ten chapters and in each chapter/unit, all exercises are given in a level classification such as beginner-elementary, pre-intermediate - intermediate and upper-intermediate - advanced. Most

exercises are chosen to suit the level of the topic but it is not always possible to choose the appropriate level of exercises due to the structure topic practiced.

The SPEED UP Structure Practice Book, in general, covers the following headings specifically chosen for the practice of the structure components studied in class or self-study sessions: The Tenses, Adjectives and Adverbs, Modal Verbs, Active – Passive Voice, Causatives, Reported Speech, Subordinate Clauses, Infinitives and Gerunds, Participles, Quantifiers.

In the appendix, A List of Commonly Used Irregular Verbs, A List of Commonly Used Regular Verbs, Chart of Participles, Do and Make Chart, Tense Review Chart, Tense Timeline, Preposition Combinations and Expressing Quantity are given expecting that these might help the learners while doing these classified exercises for the sake of students’ thorough practice of the English Language.

It is quite obvious that without a complete and meaningful practicing, any structural component can be taught or learned in English, because “Practice Makes Perfect.”

This is a complete practice book of the structure of the English language grammar and it can be used by teachers in classroom teaching for students’ homework and assignments or as a self-study book by students. 

Each unit or chapter is divided into two or three levels which are designed from simple to complex, that is to say, from elementary to advance.

While using this book, the levels in each chapter / unit should be considered in regard to the unit or chapter itself, because the level of any exercise in any unit or chapter might be different and inappropriate when compared to each other.

Most exercises in the book were used by our colleagues in the EFL classes and we took various feedbacks from them which gave us very enlightening ideas in writing this book. Besides, these feedbacks were very useful for us as to what we have to include and change while presenting the items and subjects related to the exercises.

ISBN: 978-605-4460-03-8

Basım yılı: 2012 (2. Baskı)

Yayınevi: Hacettepe Kitapçılık

Sayfa sayısı: 315 sayfa

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