CEMENTA (Civil Engineering Mastery of English for Necessary Terminology Achievement) is a reading-based ESP course book in academic English for Civil Engineering students. 

The course book includes eighteen units from general to specific and simple to complex. Each unit has a primary warm-up part along with various reading and vocabulary activities. The warm-up part is specifically designed to enable students to have oral discussions and debates prior to reading the actual texts. Reading activities

urges students to read the text and then answer the questions given. A comprehension practice follows each passage and demands a comprehensive study of the text. In this part, vocabulary practice along with exercises and some other language activities are given for the purpose of motivating students to study technical vocabulary within the texts. Reading activities are designed to help students study the comprehension of the passages and vocabulary as well. In some units cloze tests are given relating to the same topic in the unit to check students’ vocabulary comprehension. 

Each unit has also translation and writing parts: in the translation part, students are reguired to translate the given passage into Turkish as an assignment; in writing part, various writing topics, closely related to the reading passages, are assigned to students as in-class activities or as homework.

The course book is manly designed to be used in  formal class sessions, but it can also be used by students and professionals of the field in self-study of the technical terminology. The design of the course book will enable students to learn new technical vocabulary and help them to comprehend technical passages with the aid of given almost 300 field-oriented vocabulary. The meanings of the new words are given as they are presented in the passages. That is to say, the contextual meanings of the vocabulary are given in the book. All in all, the book covers almost 400 exercises and various language study points.

ISBN: 975-6957-24-7Yayınevi: İKÜ yayınları, İstanbul   Yayın tarihi: 2006 (2. Baskı) 

Sayfa Sayısı: 178 sayfa 1. Hamur kağıt